Show Me The Money Breakthrough

30 Day Laser Focused VIP Experience

If you are struggling to make money in your business, it's likely the price is not right, and your highest cash frequency isn't fully activated.


This an opportunity for you to dig into and lock in what it really takes to call in the cash you desire in your business. It is time to upgrade your standards around money and leap into your next level of success.

  • No more prospects getting a sampler and walking away.

  • No more clients not paying you.

  • No more wishy washy, spinning trying to figure what to charge.

  • No more worrying and wondering what people will or won't pay for.

  • No more under charging, under earning and under selling in your business.



In your Show Me The Money Experience, we activate your Unique Cash Frequency and squash all the noise.


  • We get clear about your offer and it's true value.

  • We lock in the right price for YOU.

  • We nail the specific way to communicate to your ideal clients.

  • We look specifically at where you are blocking money in your field and clear it. (It's not always where you think.)

  • We look at where you are leaving money on the table in your business and claim that $$$.

  • We defuse all the triggers you have around money and asking for money.

  • We lock in the energy required to create your 4 or 5 figure months and beyond.

  • I tell you exactly what shifts you need to make and what actions you need to take.


Yes, action. If LOA had you thinking all you have to do is visualize your 10K month and it would happen, think again. I am mean you've already done all the things anyways. Yet the money you desire still eludes you.

We cover the Energetics of Pricing, packaging and selling your services.


This experience is for those who are ready to start commanding the cash they desire in their business and own that cash creating frequency. Achieving your next level of success in your business no longer has to be the dangling carrot in your face. 


The SMTM Breakthrough is a 30 day Intensive 1:1 VIP experience.

You get

  • Two 60 min coaching call

  • 24/5 Voxer support throughout


That means you really get to lock this in.

Investment $2,200 USD

You ready for your breakthrough?