Hi, I am Guerda (prounounced G-air-da)

I know you have visited many coaches' about page. And there is almost always a story of trauma or some deep level of pain and suffering, that they overcame which led to their transformation and why they are now a coach and able to help you get your life. Not that I don’t have a story or two, heck even three of sobbing on the kitchen floor screaming and asking God WTF. I am purposely not sharing those stories. Not because I have anything to hide, but because I am clear that my past, my life circumstances do not define me, neither do yours. Relating to me or my story is not what will create change in your life.

I used to read these stories and listen to motivational speakers and think “wow they overcame that. If you it can happen for them, it can happen for me too”. That is the thinking most people walk away with.  The thing most people miss, as I did, is that change doesn’t just happen, it is created. And it is created by the one who desires the change.

So, what I will tell you of my story is that I was waiting for change to happen, meanwhile life was passing me by. I was miserable and angry AF, though you’d never know it. Then one day I got a clue that no one was coming to save me.  I had to save myself. Change was not just going to come for me.  I had to create it.

Most of my past work has been in the holistic health and wellness field.  I was facilitating healing for others while chasing my own healing. I have certifications out the wazoo. From Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, JourneyDance Facilitator, and Mental Health Clinician, and all the things in between. One thing I noticed everyone in these industries had in common was the struggle to make money doing the work they are called to do.


The starving healer narrative is all too common and I wanted that to change, for myself and for others. Thus, why today I do what I do.

On my journey, I learned that a lot of my pain and suffering, physically, emotionally, financially and even spiritually was due to me not owning who I am, my desires, the life I wanted. When we don't own what we desire we suffer. I also discovered a lot of pain, is stagnant energy where we have blocked our abundance flow.

I had to learn to make my desire to be wealthy equally as important as my desire to serve. And really that was game changer for me. This helped me to unlock my Unique Cash Frequency.

So now, I unapologetically demand the cash that I want. And I teach my clients to do the same. I can see where the energy is stuck, where they are not fully owing what they truly desire and what shift needs to be made to unlock their cash potentials. The work I do goes beyond mindset. It's an energetic re-calibration and activation.