Stop pretending you are satisfied with just enough. It is time to release the shame and guilt around money and create more than enough cash flow in your business!

Spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, you cannot live fully expressed on this physical plane without experiencing the True abundance you came here for. This INCLUDES FINANCIAL Abundance.


Your soul’s work, the work you can not not do, the genius you've been endowed with, IS your pathway to your Highest evolution and abundance.

There is NO conflict between being rich and spiritual. You get to be both, Rich AF and Spiritual AF. And now is the time to step into your Highest Cash Frequency.

You have studied LOA in depth. You have done all the things; Moon rituals, Affirmations, Write your check from Universal Bank of Abundance, 555 ritual, Focus wheel, Visions boards, etc..., I mean you are probably teaching this stuff. Yet, manifesting the money you desire still eludes you. 

In addition to that, you have worked with all the marketing gurus and have tried all the marketing strategies out there. And they all failed to help you create the next level of success you desire.

You and I both know you are skilled enough, qualified enough, expert enough to make the money your desire in your business. Yet, you cannot seem to crack the code on the money flows you desire. Or maybe, you have hit a plateau.


So what gives?

Calling in the cash you desire requires you BEing fully Present with money, in complete congruence and submission to your Unique Cash Frequency.

This goes beyond LOA and it's The Secret behind the secret.

Your Unique Cash Frequency collapses the gap between you and money. You become money and its frequency is activated within you. This is what allows you to call in more than enough money into your experience. This is what makes you IRRESISTIBLE to money!

Are you READY to Activate your highest level of cash frequency?

I have created the Activate your Presence with Money workbook to help you get started it's my present to you. Claim it it below!



"Nothing seemed to work. Well, it was like slow, steady progress. Nothing taught me much about using my voice. I now feel 100 percent more comfortable going into a bank and manipulating my own money instead of outsourcing it.  THIS IS SO HUGE FOR ME GUERDA!!! It was an issue ever since ever since I was a kid and got worse over the past 10 years. It is a huge breakthrough!! I have some new clients and things are definitely shifting. Thanks so much again."

Margaret D. Self Empowerment & Relationship Guide

I just didn't think financial abundance was for me. I was scared to charge higher price for my services. Guerda helped me to activate my wealth generating powers within me. Since working with her, I have increased my prices and now I am working with high level clients who easily pay for my services.

Regine T. Master French & Phonics Expert

 I had no idea how to run my life and grow my business. My life was constant chaos. My biggest challenge was charging for the value of my services and fear of rejection. After just one session with Guerda I increased my rates and sold my first package at my new rate that same week.

Carla L. Wellness Coach


Working with Guerda, in just a short time. I got an unexpected promotion and a raise.

Trent M.

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Spiritual Money Mentor

"Let us be done with thinking of poverty as a virtue. It is a common vice." Catherine Ponder

I am Guerda, aka G$, aka The Money Mystic.

I help spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, rebels with a cause, release the shame and guilt around money, Unlock & Activate their Unique Cash Frequency, hit 4-5 figure months in their business and create their next level success without burning out. 


Your Unique Cash Frequency is like an instrument. You have to tune it to hit the right tone. THIS is what creates the harmony in your energy field and aligns you with your unlimited cash potential. 

It is You being sooo Congruent with your Unique Cash Frequency that makes Money is UNdeniable to you.


Your UCF is you becoming Magnetic AF to Money.


Let's work together to Activate your Unique Cash Frequency and Monetize your maGic!

Do you desire to have a totally different experience with money?
Are you ready to master the energetics of money and Create the cash flow you desire in your business? 
Then, it is time to Activate your Presence with Money, Unleash your Unique Cash Frequency and Become magnetic AF to money!
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This workbook is your guide to excavating the lies and myths you believe about money in the way of creating the cash flow you desire.